Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Technology for the New Generation-XS E Bikes launched in India

Along with the new generation people are coming out with new innovative and new technology,keeping this in view new bike has been launched with which will give you 100 % freedom from escalating petrol cost, pollution, registration & licenses,which is none other than the XS E-bike,The next generation eco friendly Xs E-Bike that has been launched in various models and runs at speed of 25 kmph at an energy cost of 7 paisa per km.This bike is best suited for young students in school and colleges, working women, professionals and even by senior citizens.It has come out with slogan of ‘New Technology for the New Generation’ ,which is swift and smooth comfortable bike and best sizable for middle class segment as per company officials.The Batteries require a charging time of 6 hours & the Bike can cover a distance of 60-70 km per charge.This XS E-bike has been launched in Delhi but the company says that many other states are also interested in this eco friendly bike and they promise that they would be launching in other states also ....

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