Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Canon 5D still camera is Kohinoor in photographers hand ..

The greatness of the camera lies in its sensor ,then only comes the other parameters like resolution ,zoom ,ISO.Canon camera is known for its superb camera sensors.Canon has done wonder in making its image still more sharper,its name is Canon 5D,it has 35MM film size sensor which is like a Kohinoor for the photographers,one only one camera with this specialty sensor is also Canon product which is Canon 1D,but we get this Canon 5D at much lower price than 1D,with 12.8 mega pixel resolution ,low light and much lesser noise it captures images,for top torch quality,rich tone,low noise images Canon 5D is the best pick .With anon family features this Canon 5D looks handsome,it looks solid in handling with black color Magnesium alloy poly carbonates body.But specialist feel that it can made still more weather resistance.As this camera weighs very low of 900gms u can handle it for more time.With one or two command wheels we can control almost all the functions in this camera.If thumb wheel is present in order to control ISO and to change to drive mode 4 finger wheel is present,in this way all control buttons wheels are designed for free finger movements.With this we can see the manufacturer intelligence.21 mega pixel,4 photos in a sec,ht-mi auto features and battery and many more like this we have in this camera,there are no words to describe this superb piece,so their is no doubt in getting surprise that the future is Canon 5D,Canon has introduced a new concept of picture style,with help of this color and tone can be changed,their are 6 types of picture styles,in every style we can change sharpness and saturation,this cam starts in less than 1/2 a sec time,it focuses very fastly,mirror up mode helps to control hand vibration,it not only works as still camera but also works as video camera,and it costs 1,30,000 Rs.

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