Friday, April 15, 2011

Lenova lepad competing with Apple ipad ?

China is the big giant for the electronic manufacturing,in computer manufacturing Chinese lenova has a world wide market,now lenova is competing with apple,it has come out with a new tablet which is a competition for the apple ipad 2,Lenova is going to launch apple ipad rival le pad,Lenova has released latest le pad in China,talk in market is that it has come out in order to compete with Apple ipad,Lenova stratogy can be understood as it costs less than apple ipad,it promises fast performance with 1 Giga hertz processor,android 2.2 ,10.1 inch touch screen,1.2 giga hertz drag er positions are main features,it supports 3G communication,it also has front facing camera for video chatting...........

Nikon D5100 16.2 million pixel Cmos sensor,slimmer digital camera just costs 40,000

Nikon is known for its quality cameras,Nikon D5000 model has been clicked out very well in the market,so now they have released another model into the market which is the extension of this model and its named as Nikon D5100 which is very attractive with its slim body and high in sensor.This camera comes under mid range Dslr category ,this is the successor of D5000 which is an improved version than the previous camera,it uses 16.2 mega pixel sensor which is used in 7000 camera with which HT videos can be recorded,screen size is 3 inches and even the screen resolution has been improved so that focusing can be made even more clear,this cam is a DSLR refresh single lens reflex digital camera,it has 16.2 million pixel,23.6*15.6mm CMOS sensor,EN-EL 14 rechargable LI-ION battery,EG-CP 1 4 audio/video cable,UC-E6 USB cable,Dk 5 eye piece cap,not only these features it has become 10 times slimmer and thinner than the 5000 camera,physical controls have become even more convenient ,it costs around 40,000 including body,lens and kit,it contains BS 1 accessories shoe cover,DK 20 rubber eye cup,BF-1B body cap,View NX 2 CD ROM ............

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Genius i405 easy pen improved interaction with computers ?

We have stopped our self at the keyboard and mouse regarding computers,but they have launched a pen in order to communicate with the computer.Till now we have used keyboard and muse in order to give input to the system with help of these two we can type the text,select the text or open a window.If we have a pen and a book we use or ideas by writing it on paper and in same way if we do with the computer also it would be wonderful.If we interact with pictures,charts,drawing then our expression would definitely be increased and improved,this feature is now possible with the easypen i405,Genius company which has introduced this i405 would be working as a small graphics has 5.5/4 inch active area,it traces movements very perfectly,it can identify 1400 pressure levels,it also represents whether we have pressed the pen lightly or hardly,it can track 2540 lines 1 inch area,it identifies 100 pen points in 1 sec,it supports windows and mach system,it suits personal systems as it has usb interface,i gets powered by tablet usb,it works with triplet battery,so with this gadget our interaction with the system would be more interesting ...

Apple mobileme usage tips-no tension no problem

If we miss our mobile or tablet we feel like world has come to an end.Apple has introduced Mobileme for telling their customer that their is no danger is missing mobile.We lose a lot if we miss our mobiles so if u are a iphone and ipod user then Apple is going to help u in this sense.In ur iphone or ipod mobile enable ur 'find my mobile' feature,and then get registered in ur '.com' ,then automatically it will show u the physical location in a map.Suppose if u have forgotten ur mobile at ur colleagues place then immediately login to ur .com and then u can put a message like 'plz call me to so and so number'.Even if ur phone is locked the message will be shown on the screen.U can get ur mobile through the mobile map and if its nearer to u then u can play a ring with the help of mobileme,even if ur mobile is in silent mode the ring will be heard.till u get ur phone if u want no one to access ur data then u can protect ur phone with mobileme by using a security code.After u get ur cel back then u can retrieve ur data.So with mobile be iphone or ipod useres need not get tensed.

Spice M-9000 popcorn projector with laser pointer @ Rs.7000-features

Some people like watching videos on big screens,so can we see the video in our mobile in the same way,till day it was not possible but with unexpected changes mobiles have proven that its possible and now the mobiles are available with projector features.Spice has launched recently a projector phone.This phone can project images,videos with popcorn projector.This M-9000 mobile is available at low price and that is why its more attractive even though we have many kinds and varieties of projector mobiles in market. With help of projector the phone content can be projected on big screen,office presentation,photos,movies and even live TV can be projected,for live Tv this mobile has a special analog chip in it.this mobile would be more convenient for corporate presentations .word power point Pdf presentations can be projected very coolly to the colleagues.In order to explain clearly one laser pointer is also available along with the mobile .Coming to other features it has dual sim,3.2 mega pixel camera,blue tooth ,16 GB memory card are its main features.This M-9000 is available at Rs.7000 in the market.

Canon 5D still camera is Kohinoor in photographers hand ..

The greatness of the camera lies in its sensor ,then only comes the other parameters like resolution ,zoom ,ISO.Canon camera is known for its superb camera sensors.Canon has done wonder in making its image still more sharper,its name is Canon 5D,it has 35MM film size sensor which is like a Kohinoor for the photographers,one only one camera with this specialty sensor is also Canon product which is Canon 1D,but we get this Canon 5D at much lower price than 1D,with 12.8 mega pixel resolution ,low light and much lesser noise it captures images,for top torch quality,rich tone,low noise images Canon 5D is the best pick .With anon family features this Canon 5D looks handsome,it looks solid in handling with black color Magnesium alloy poly carbonates body.But specialist feel that it can made still more weather resistance.As this camera weighs very low of 900gms u can handle it for more time.With one or two command wheels we can control almost all the functions in this camera.If thumb wheel is present in order to control ISO and to change to drive mode 4 finger wheel is present,in this way all control buttons wheels are designed for free finger movements.With this we can see the manufacturer intelligence.21 mega pixel,4 photos in a sec,ht-mi auto features and battery and many more like this we have in this camera,there are no words to describe this superb piece,so their is no doubt in getting surprise that the future is Canon 5D,Canon has introduced a new concept of picture style,with help of this color and tone can be changed,their are 6 types of picture styles,in every style we can change sharpness and saturation,this cam starts in less than 1/2 a sec time,it focuses very fastly,mirror up mode helps to control hand vibration,it not only works as still camera but also works as video camera,and it costs 1,30,000 Rs.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Omega 0MC0M6 watch worth Rs.6,480

The watch which is the first on the moon and which is worn by James Bond is none other than the Omega luxury watch .Omega Constellation Series. Available in choice of 18k SS, or Full SS. All Diamonds are genuine high grade Cubic Zirconia stones (CZ)s. Quartz movement. Quick set date window. Double locking clasp mechanism. Solid back with Omega Constellation engraving and markings. All the appropriate OMEGA markings.This watch costs Rs.6,480 .

LG T315i mobile for youth to communicate in social networks

Now a days it has become a hobbie for every one to have an account in social networking sites ,so this point was catched by the LG mobile phone company and it has come out with a new model LG T315i which would be useful for youth and dynamic users to communicate in social networks,it has 2.8 inches Touchscreen Display,a Virtual QWERTY keypad,Camera Offers 2 Mega Pixels,FM Radio with Integrated Antenna,Music Player with Digital Sound,Video recording facility,Social Networking integrations,Email Facility,External Memory Card Support,Bluetooth and USb Connectivity,wireless LAN WiFi Facility,Impressive Battery back-up.The new LG T315i touchscreen phone expected market retail price in the Russia is around 4,400 rubles.

Nokia C3 Current Market Price Rs 6027 Indian Rupees

Friends .. Nokia C3 brings QWERTY for the masses at a great price point. This phone from Nokia might become a best seller looking at the specs

Avg Current Market Price Rs. 6027 , Last Updated On March 1 2011, Chennai Delhi Kolkata Mumbai . In USD approx $124.01 ....

Pentax Optio RS1500 @ $149.95 USD

Pentax has launched new Optio Rs1500 compact camera that features customizable front covers for changing the camera’s appearance.The RS1500 ships with 10 skins, with the option to download or create your own cover that secures behind a transparent front-plate. Features include a 14MP sensor, a 27.5-110mm equivalent lens and 720p HD movie recording capabilities.The design possibilities for the Optio RS1500 are infinite. Owners may skin this newest Optio to match an event, a sports team, a milestone, a corporate identity, a season, and so much more.It has new generation,easier,faster skin change system,exceptional image quality,digital features for creative expressions,automatic face detection with user friendly features,large easy ti view 3.0 inch LCD monitor,optical 4X zoom lens with wide angle coverage,high quality HD movie recording.It should be available in April at an initial retail price of $149.95 USD .

HTC Thunder Bolt promises Wireless Technology,mind expanding capabilities and 4G speed

HTC has come out with new HTC Thunder Bolt which is not your dream phone but one after that,it has been launched with much power,speed and Android awesomeness.It features infinite entertainment,where u can Download movies, e-books, games, music and more in seconds.This mobile also has infinite possibilities With an 8MP camera, LED flash, in-camera effects and a 720p HD camcorder,it has Built-in DLNA connectivity which beams up wirelessly to your flatscreen .it is provided with Wi-Fi™ connection.With a 1GHz Snapdragon Processor and the power of Verizon's new 4G network you can say hello, faster than ever before..So finally with more power,4G speed and mind expanding capabilities it promises wireless technology .

New Technology for the New Generation-XS E Bikes launched in India

Along with the new generation people are coming out with new innovative and new technology,keeping this in view new bike has been launched with which will give you 100 % freedom from escalating petrol cost, pollution, registration & licenses,which is none other than the XS E-bike,The next generation eco friendly Xs E-Bike that has been launched in various models and runs at speed of 25 kmph at an energy cost of 7 paisa per km.This bike is best suited for young students in school and colleges, working women, professionals and even by senior citizens.It has come out with slogan of ‘New Technology for the New Generation’ ,which is swift and smooth comfortable bike and best sizable for middle class segment as per company officials.The Batteries require a charging time of 6 hours & the Bike can cover a distance of 60-70 km per charge.This XS E-bike has been launched in Delhi but the company says that many other states are also interested in this eco friendly bike and they promise that they would be launching in other states also ....

TVS Vs Honda launching India's low price cheap bike

Honda company known for its wide varities of bikes has announced that it would be launching one of the cheapest bikes in India,but till today it has not turned up and mean while TVS which is the India's third largest two-wheeler manufacturer.At present 100cc Tvs star and TVS sports which are the cheapest bikes from TVS stable and their price start from 36,000 while TVS moped is priced at Rs. 25,000.The new upcoming 100cc TVS bike would be more cheaper than the existing bikes.With this new product, TVS Motors intends to bridge the price gap between the company's range of mopeds and motorcycles.

Iphone 5 similar to ipad 2 ?

Many people were very excited how the new Apple iphone would look like one of the chinese blog has revealed it out and here is the look of the Apple iphone 5 .Some say that this latest iphone 5 would be having similar features like the ipad 2.This iPhone 5 will be equipped with a speedy dual core A5 chip processor and higher more powerful graphic chips that can deliver higher video resolutions (5-9 times better) and amazing "still" images when taking pictures, AND it will make multi-tasking a lot faster.The magic that has been done by Apple to reduce iPad 2 thickness and weight will also happen to iPhone 5. iPad 2 is 2 15% lighter and 33% thinner than the previous models.HDMI connectivity will also be pinned on iPhone 5 so the content can be displayed on LCD monitor.iPhone 5 looks promising in terms of being sleek, packed with new hardware and finally less restrictions.

Friday, March 18, 2011

German Luxury car BMW 6 series convertible-Stylish & Trendy

German luxury car manufacturer BMW has launched the stylish and trendy 6 Series Convertible with a powerful engine, class-leading features and comfortable cabin to strengthen its position in the convertible segment in the Indian auto market.The estimated price is about 94 lakhs.The highlights are Trendy and elegant, Dynamic Stability Control, Packed with class-leading features.It features Cozy and Comfortable interiors, Decent acceleration, Smooth and quality ride. Striking design, advanced drive technologies, ample luxury amenities and driver assistance safety system are highlights. The convertible comes with a fully automatic roof that ensures fresh air inside the cabin and increases the level of comfort even if the roof is open or closed. It goes from 0-100 km/h in a mere 5.7 seconds.It offers electrically-adjustable sports seats which are supportive and comfortable for both driver and passengers.The convertible is loaded with top-of-the-line safety features such as dual-stage airbags for driver and front passenger with seat occupant detectors, side airbags for driver and front passenger, active headrests, anti-lock braking system, Dynamic Brake Control, Dynamic Traction control, integrated side-impact protection and roll-over protection system in rear headrests.

All round protection for your Apple iphone 4G mobile

4G technology is defined as the provision of wireless broadband data and information services right to a person’s mobile unit.This highly innovative and technical piece prices from 32,000 to 40,000.So i believe people must surely know the tips to protect their mobile which costs very are some of the all round protection tips for the iphone 4G mobile ...

1 . iPhone 4G Case: The iPhone case hepls u to protect your phone from unwanted cracks and scratches and also from a hard fall.

2 . Screen Protector: Don’t carry your iPhone 4G around without a screen protector. This screen protector help protect your phone from unnecessary scratches.

3 . Password Protection: To protect valuable information on our iPhone 4G that we don't want falling into the wrong hands. iPhone 4G has a basic 4 pin protection app on the phone.

BenQ 6 new projectors meet all needs with Extra Long Lamp Life & 3D Ready features ?

BenQ has launched 6 new projectors recently which are with Extra Long Lamp Life & 3D Ready features to meet all needs of the projectors . 6 new projector models, MX660, MS614, MS510, MX511, MX613ST & MS612ST. All these projectors are eco-friendly, and are can be sued for a wide range of purposes right from education and small-to-medium-sized business environments. These models deliver feature wired and wireless (optional) networking, HDMI and USB inputs, high contrast (3000:1 to 5000:1) and up to 6000 hours of lamp life. Light output also range from 2500 to 3200 ANSI lumens ensuring great viewing for small-medium size rooms even in normal lighting conditions.

BenQ EW2430V LED monitor made home theater easy ??

Previously it was slim models then LCD was the fever now all are crazy about LED .BenQ has come out with full cinematic experience at right at home.yes,it has introduced BenQ EW2430V LED monitor , it delivers functionality and beauty in perfect harmony.It gives refined audio-visual ,superb experience,true 8-bit panel presentation,smart focus,super resolution,3D noise reduction,3D deinterlace,PIP and PBP,24P cinema view support,and many more like this so this BenQ is the world's first corporation in introducing LED monitor which made home theater easy .....