Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Apple mobileme usage tips-no tension no problem

If we miss our mobile or tablet we feel like world has come to an end.Apple has introduced Mobileme for telling their customer that their is no danger is missing mobile.We lose a lot if we miss our mobiles so if u are a iphone and ipod user then Apple is going to help u in this sense.In ur iphone or ipod mobile enable ur 'find my mobile' feature,and then get registered in ur '.com' ,then automatically it will show u the physical location in a map.Suppose if u have forgotten ur mobile at ur colleagues place then immediately login to ur .com and then u can put a message like 'plz call me to so and so number'.Even if ur phone is locked the message will be shown on the screen.U can get ur mobile through the mobile map and if its nearer to u then u can play a ring with the help of mobileme,even if ur mobile is in silent mode the ring will be heard.till u get ur phone if u want no one to access ur data then u can protect ur phone with mobileme by using a security code.After u get ur cel back then u can retrieve ur data.So with mobile be iphone or ipod useres need not get tensed.

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