Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Genius i405 easy pen improved interaction with computers ?

We have stopped our self at the keyboard and mouse regarding computers,but they have launched a pen in order to communicate with the computer.Till now we have used keyboard and muse in order to give input to the system with help of these two we can type the text,select the text or open a window.If we have a pen and a book we use or ideas by writing it on paper and in same way if we do with the computer also it would be wonderful.If we interact with pictures,charts,drawing then our expression would definitely be increased and improved,this feature is now possible with the easypen i405,Genius company which has introduced this i405 would be working as a small graphics has 5.5/4 inch active area,it traces movements very perfectly,it can identify 1400 pressure levels,it also represents whether we have pressed the pen lightly or hardly,it can track 2540 lines 1 inch area,it identifies 100 pen points in 1 sec,it supports windows and mach system,it suits personal systems as it has usb interface,i gets powered by tablet usb,it works with triplet battery,so with this gadget our interaction with the system would be more interesting ...

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