Friday, April 15, 2011

Nikon D5100 16.2 million pixel Cmos sensor,slimmer digital camera just costs 40,000

Nikon is known for its quality cameras,Nikon D5000 model has been clicked out very well in the market,so now they have released another model into the market which is the extension of this model and its named as Nikon D5100 which is very attractive with its slim body and high in sensor.This camera comes under mid range Dslr category ,this is the successor of D5000 which is an improved version than the previous camera,it uses 16.2 mega pixel sensor which is used in 7000 camera with which HT videos can be recorded,screen size is 3 inches and even the screen resolution has been improved so that focusing can be made even more clear,this cam is a DSLR refresh single lens reflex digital camera,it has 16.2 million pixel,23.6*15.6mm CMOS sensor,EN-EL 14 rechargable LI-ION battery,EG-CP 1 4 audio/video cable,UC-E6 USB cable,Dk 5 eye piece cap,not only these features it has become 10 times slimmer and thinner than the 5000 camera,physical controls have become even more convenient ,it costs around 40,000 including body,lens and kit,it contains BS 1 accessories shoe cover,DK 20 rubber eye cup,BF-1B body cap,View NX 2 CD ROM ............

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